Rogliano and Luisi duo



Piano e Violino: duo Gianluca Luisi e Marco Rogliano

Two great artist in concert: Marco Rogliano (violin) & Gianluca Luisi (piano)

Ludwig Thuille:The complete works for violin and piano ( recorded for Naxos)

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Programme 1

L.Thuille :Sonata op.1 in d minor for violin and Piano
F. Mendelssohn: Sonata F Major for violin and piano (for the bicentenary of Mendelssohn)
Martucci: Sonata op.22 for violin and Piano and/or Drei Stuecke op.67.

Programme 2

Paganini Abend:
Paganini/Schumann: Capriccio Es Moll n°23
Paganini/Schumann: Capriccio G Minor N° 6
Paganini/Schumann: Capriccio C minor N. 4
Marco Rogliano violin/ Gianluca Luisi, Piano Schumann: 6Concerts Etude nach Capricen von Paganini, op.10, N°1, N°3, N°5
Gianluca Luisi, piano

Second Part

F.Liszt: 6 Grande Etude from Paganini N°2 , N°3 La Campanella, N°4, N°5 (La caccia ) N°6 Thema and variation Gianluca Luisi, piano F.Liszt: Gran Duo Concertante R.-V.462 Marco Rogliano, violin/ Gianluca Luisi, piano

Klavierabend mit Gianluca Luisi und Marco Rogliano
Werke von Ludwig Thuille: Sonata D moll op.1, Sonata op.22 e-moll und Allegro Giusto

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